God and Healing

In God and Healing, Izanah Jones inspires readers to uncover their true selves.

For the first time, the key principles integral to “wholeness” are explicitly arranged so that they can be easily applied to our lives.

Health is our nature. When abiding by the spiritual principles inherent in natural law, we effortlessly flow with harmony and health. Through God’s love, we express our true nature and fulfill our divine purpose.

In GOD and HEALING, Izanah Jones emphasizes the need to transmute attitudes in order to reach higher heights and improve the quality of our lives.

As we birth a fresh conception of who we are, based on our divine connection to God, we evolve. God guides us. His love, light, truth and wisdom awaken our healing journey. As co-creators with God, we re-shape our lives by surrendering to Him.

While moving towards wholeness and away from the “mass mind”, our inner vision opens. Life begins to flow naturally and our awareness of our interconnection expands.

As we let go of internal resistance, we no longer feel as if we are trying to swim upstream. Fluidly, we step into the dance of life. We are beauty, happiness, health and love. As God conducts the symphony of our life, we simply waltz.

GOD and HEALING is your companion and friend, a true source of inspiration. With it, you can easily remind yourself of who you are underneath it all. At any point in your life, when your deeper self is calling for healing, the message in GOD and HEALING can help you turn on the light. Please let this book serve as a continual reference for you.

GOD and HEALING can encourage and assist you to move out of attitudes that no longer serve you. With every moment, the opportunity to embrace peace and harmony dwells within. By acknowledging that you are one with God, you embark on the inner journey of getting to know yourself. Triumphantly, this book will set you on the road to victory.

Discover how powerful forgiveness is in our lives. The weight of an unforgiving attitude has grave consequences, burdening us and cornering us in a rut. Once we accept responsibility and learn to “let go” we are free to root out the inner barriers that block forgiveness. Transformed, our wings re-emerge and liberty carries us to new places in our lives.

Disease cannot flourish where there is no accumulation. Emotional poison is extremely toxic and can be discarded with one exhale.

We experience the consequences of our behavior. And yes, our behavior does affect others. We are all here together, so let us lift our individual consciousness to enact higher principles for the good of all concerned.

GOD and HEALING reveals fresh ways to perceive ourselves, each other and the world.  We can choose to enhance and uplift our world through deepening our awareness of God and our relationship with Him. The choice is ours.